Single Mom Inspiration and Advice


Andrea O’Ferrall, a fourth-grade Seattle-area teacher, has lived through a tough life to do everything right for her son and herself.  But she still wonders if she is doing enough, for her son’s future and her own retirement. According to volunteer Angie Furubotten LaRosee, a financial planner with the Advisor Benefits Group, she is doing … [Read more…]

Single moms need to be educated

Mom Edication

Women are known to be good at multitasking.  But there is a limit to this expectation, we know.  Managing kids, home, and work is much more than just multitasking; it requires a magical hand.  But we still insist on a college education if you don’t have one. College education is important simply because you need … [Read more…]

Single parent? Be wary of this health problem!


Most health studies on single-parent families have focused on the well being of children, but a recent study carried out by The US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS) turns our attention to the parents. The survey found that single parents, especially single moms, are not sleeping well!  Single … [Read more…]

Single and Mom: Prioritize Health!

health priority single mom

We understand the extent of your busy-ness!  It is not easy to manage everything on your own, and then there is(are) the little one(s) to take care of, but your health is of ultimate importance exactly for the same reasons. Keep tap, get health insurance, eat healthy, and exercise.  Exercise, even when you are super … [Read more…]